Connecting to your Watch...

Download the zip or clone the repo for best performance.



Touch SDK

Receive smartwatch IMU data stream and touch events through any WebBLE browser and send it via OSC to programs such as MaxMSP or Touchdesigner. Reconnect or pause if you experience low framerate. Download the files for best performance.

You can download the zip here or clone the repo here.

  1. To send OSC messages ensure OSC-Bridge is operational by running
    node <pathToOscBridge.js>.
  2. Refresh this page
  3. Press Connect to pair Watch
  4. Click on rows below to send only selected values
  5. Move your arm, tap, rotate the dial, touch the screen, press back button to see the OSC messages on your other application

Port 5555

Set a different port by modifying oscBridge.js accordingly.

OSC Event Details
Tap Tap your finger and thumb together to increment the count
Rotary Step Rotate dial or crown to increment the count
Back Button Press back button on your watch to increment the count
Arm Direction
Angular Velocity
Gravity Vector